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Paso Robles Plumber Releases Tips For Finding Leaking Pipes - Quality 1st Plumbing and Drains
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-A leaking faucet or leaking pipes under a sink are obvious and relatively easy to fix but cracked or broken pipes in other locations are not so obvious. Sky Sepulveda, owner of Quality 1st Plumbing and Drains in Paso Robles has released some tips to help people identify where pipes are leaking.

“The best thing to do is to call the plumber right away,” said Sepulveda. “We have the experience and equipment to find leaks much faster than most property owners and can help prevent more damage by fixing the problem as quickly as possible.”

The first signs people have that there is a leak, other than spotting a leaking faucet or moisture under the sinks or around the tub, shower or toilet, are an increase in the water bill, or wet ground, walls, and sometimes portions of the floor are wet.

Here are some tips to help locate the source of a leak while the plumber is on the way:

  • Inspect all of the visible plumbing for leaks, cracks or breaks. The most logical place to start is in the area of the damp or wet spots.
  • Check under the house; use a flashlight to locate any leaks or wet spots.
  • Check the driveway, curb and street for evidence of water flow or a puddle that never seems to go away.
  • Check for wet or muddy spots in the yard.
  • If water is flowing from a broken or cracked pipe, turn off the main water valve.

The most common places for outdoor water leaks are in the main service line, between the water meter and the shutoff valve or in the irrigation system. To locate an outdoor, underground leak:

  • Check the main shutoff valve between the public water supply and the house. The fittings can be leaking or the pipes cracked or broken.
  • Check all outside water spigots, looking for wet or muddy spots. If you don’t have a map of your water system pipe layout, use a sturdy stick to probe the ground looking for wet or damp ground.

Avoid digging to try to find the pipe. Leave that up to the plumber. It’s too easy to accidentally hit an underground pipe (or even underground electrical cables), and cause more damage.

If you are on a septic system rather than public sewer, wet ground can also indicate a failed septic tank or leach field. Don’t dig around the septic system. Sewage is considered “black water” and contains harmful pathogens. Leave the repairs to the experts.

If the leak is anywhere in the sewage line, keep people and pets away from the area and also let the experts handle the problem. If sewage has flowed into the driveway or street, call the local public works department because the leak might be on public property.

Experience and staying on top of the latest advances in the plumbing industry are hallmarks of an expert Paso Robles plumbers from Quality 1st Plumbing and Drains. Plumbers arrive on the job with all of the necessary tools, plus cleaning supplies to assure that everything is cleaned up, including shoe covers when the crew needs to work inside.

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